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Anonymous writes...

Echoing the previous question on how much I liked issue 9 and ep. 15! My question is this: was Robin's little thing for Zatanna another case of "teen crush at first sight" or did he know something about her beforehand? Because he didn't exactly waste any time... I thought it was cute, though. "Batman: The Animated Series" had an episode that showed Zatara teaching Batman escape artistry, so I wondered if maybe Batman or Zatara had talked to him about her before. I have no idea if that's comics canon or just something the showrunners thought would be cool, though.

I'm also amused by the fact that Conner and M'gann took 11 episodes to get together, Kaldur was let down, and Wally and Artemis are... I don't even know, but Robin sees girl, Robin talks to girl, and by the end of the episode it seemed like Zatanna was at least open to the possibility! In general, it just seems like he has better luck with girls than Wally and Kaldur.

Anyway, I'm loving the show and will be very said if Zatara really does ground Zatanna forever, or Red Tornado never appears again.

Greg responds...

They hadn't met before, if that's what you're asking. I'm sure he knew that she EXISTED, but I think he was just crushing on her.

Response recorded on January 26, 2012