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Green Lantern's Night Lightt writes...

Hi again. Sorry for wasting your time questioning whether Uncle Dudley's full name is Dudley H. Dudley because it's already in the "Alpha Male" credits in your Greg Rambles post.

I have some other questions if you wouldn't mind, but understand if you can't answer them if you consider them spoiler requests.

1. How long has Aquaman known Queen Mera for & how long have they been married?
2. How long has Queen Mera been a teacher at the Conservatory of Sorcery for?
3. How old is Wolf & Mr. Tawny?
4. If Captain Marvel is technically just a kid then how could be accepted & relied upon by the League. He did say that Batman was tough on him, but that's about it.

Thanks once again.

Greg responds...

1. I haven't worked that out specifically.

2. Ditto.

3. I'd have to research how long wolves and tigers live and at what rate they age. I haven't yet. They're both physical adults. Neither are "old".


Response recorded on January 30, 2012