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Janelle writes...

Hi greg. loved this weeks episode, I had a feeling red wasn't evil. I liked the introduction of zatanna too, though i'd don't know how i like her and robin as a couple. also, I absolutley LOVE captian marvel, he's so goofy but at the same time i can see him as part of the team. geting into my questions...
1. how angry did the mentors when they found out about the teams "kidnapping" of zatanna and them traking down red? will it affect the leagues trust towards them in anyway?
2. did kid flash's arm heal through out the episode or does he have a strong pain tolerance? i ask since he moved it quite abit despite the injury, unless it was never hurt and he was just overreacting?
3.can black canary or any of the "den mothers" track the bio-ship with the computer thing? if so, then why didn't she check to see where they were when they didn't return?
4. was there ever a mole on the team, or was sportsmaster talking about red?
non-"humanity" related questions
1. where did the injustice league get sent to? belle-reve, arkham?
2.in alpha male, why wasn't miss martian angry like the others were about kaldur kepping the mole secret?
3.because red arrow was fighting alongside green and canary, has he mended his relation ship with them somewhat?
deviating from the questions, what i really liked about "revelation" was how the mentors and non-main character supers got some attention.
4. will there be more episodes like that, that show the justice league fighting villans?
5. off topic, will we get to see mentor,student(ex. batman and robin) interaction in their civilian identities like in downtime?
6. will robin's uncle be seen in the show?( the one from volume six)
7. why wont batman let robin tell the team his identity?
8. when the show first came out, a report online said the 22 episode was going to be about how robin became a hero, is this true or was it a speculation?
9. does the league know captain marvel's real identity?
thank you so much for the series, the last three episodes have been awsome and well worth the wait. have to say though, why is the superboyXmissmartian pairing stressed so much in the show? not that i dislike the two, i actually reallly like superboy( he grew on me in terrors)and the pairing itself isn't to bad, but it feels to focused on. like in alpha-male, i didn't like how there was that subplot where she was angry at him for being overprotective. it felt kinda intrusive, since this was about aqualad becoming a stronger leader and the team moving past their anger towards him. if the issue of conner's overprotection had it's own episode or was a reacurring subplot, i wouldnt mind it as much. also, for the record, i don't dislike megan, i just like artemis more.
homefront was probably my favorite, since it focused on artemis and robin, my two favorites? seeing them grow as teammates was nice as was them becoming classmates and her not knowing it. what i really like is how this episode proves that artemis ISN'T the mole.
thank you so much for this wonderful series.

Greg responds...

1. I'm sure feelings were mixed. It's hard to argue with results... particularly when those results literally saved the human race.

2. It was in a cast.

3. No. Not easily.


1. Ultra-Humanite, Black Adam, Atomic Skull and Poison Ivy were sent to Belle Reve. Joker was sent to Arkham.

2. She had other concerns and/or SPOILER REQUEST. NO COMMENT.

3. Yes.

4. Here and there.

5. Yes, but more in the comic book.


7. Do the math. If Robin's identity becomes known then it becomes difficult to not deduce Batman's I.D.

8. It was a misinterpretation of something I said.


Superboy and Miss Martian is one of many threads we run through episodes. Sometimes the threads are stronger, sometimes not. Obviously, here at the beginning of their relationship there's more ground to cover. And as you pointed out, "Homefront" had very little of the relationship, yet it was still there.

Response recorded on January 30, 2012