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Jessica Diamond writes...

Besides the Pilot Episodes (Independence Day and Fireworks), the Episodes/Missions he wasn't a part of (Downtime, Targets, and Terrors), and the Loss at the Cave (Homefront), Kid Flash's souvenir collection seems to have something from every episode except Bereft, which is where Superboy started his pet collecting.
1) Did Wally get a souvenir and we just haven't seen it?
2a) If he did, what is it, please?
2b) If he didn't, why didn't he get one?
3) Did Wally get the arrow back for his collection after Homefront or was it destroyed?
4) If it was destroyed, did Artemis replace it with an identical one or is the spot permanently empty?

Greg responds...

1, 2a, 2b.) Rewatch the episode. I think it's quite clear on these points.

3. What was left of it, yeah.

4. See answer to 3.

Response recorded on January 30, 2012