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Marisa writes...

Young Justice is my favorite show, and I watch it every week with my dad. I love all of the characters, especially Robin. Thank you for making such a great show. I just have some questions: is there a reason why Wally West lives in Central City rather than Blue Valley, his comic book hometown? For some reason this has been bugging me. Also, does this mean that Wally was president of the Central City Flash Fan Club?

Anyway, my favorite character in the entire show has got to be Captain Marvel. I just laugh hysterically every time he does something. How can the team not notice that he acts like a ten year old boy? It's very, very obvious. Does CM have some sort of natural charisma about him that block people's perceptions?

I can't wait until the teens find out that Captain Marvel is really younger than them!

Greg responds...

We just put all the Flash characters in Central City to bring more coherence to the idea.

As for Captain Marvel, what's obvious to you wouldn't likely even occur as a possibility to most. Why would it? You see an adult with those powers and the wisdom of Solomon, and why would it EVER even occur to you that he might actually be a ten-year-old kid? Because he's sincere and friendly? Because he's solicitous and occasionally naive? Those aren't qualities limited to kids.

Response recorded on January 30, 2012