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Redwing writes...

Hi Greg,

First, I wanted to say that I am delighted that you've kept "Ask Greg" going over the years. I sent in a message back in 2002, and was recently delighted to discover that you had responded to it, two years later! You're my hero. Not just for that, but also because "Gargoyles" and "Ask Greg" helped inspire me to write, myself.

Another thing, though.

There's a group on Facebook devoted to urging Disney to release Gargoyles Seasons 2 Vol. 2 on DVD, and recently some of us have been emailing disneyinfo@disneyhelp.com to ask them to do this.

And recently, some of us have been getting replies. Mine is as follows:

"Thank you for your e-mail. We appreciate your interest and are happy to answer your questions.

There are tentative plans to release the rest of this series in 2012. No further details are available at this time.

Thank you for taking the time to contact us.

Walt Disney Studios Home Entertainment Consumer Relations
US and Canada"

Have you heard anything about this?

Greg responds...

Only that others have received a similar response. Beyond that, I am ignorant.

Response recorded on January 31, 2012