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Tessa writes...

Love the show. Brilliant writing, plot/character development, animation - probably the number one animated show on TV right now in my opinion.

I also really appreciate that you've made the characters very realistic and relatable - love that you're not ignoring their sexuality and are exploring what that means for the team (i.e. Miss Martian and Superboy). Such a fundamental part of growing up and I always get annoyed when other animated shows pretend that teenagers don't have to deal with those issues. Artemis' line in Humanity about feeling naked and not in a fun way cracked me up. Definitely fit her character (and age) - really glad S&P didn't ask you guys to chuck that one.

On a different note, if Young Justice ended up staying on air for many, many seasons (10, 20, or you know, forever - you have some very dedicated fans, let's make it happen) do you think you'd ever consider exploring what these characters would be like when they finally branch out on their own (i.e. Robin becoming Nightwing, etc...)? Or do you think that would take away from the fundamental aspect(s) of Young Justice? Basically, I'm just curious what kind of reality you see this show existing in. Is it something a la Family Guy/Simpsons (where none of the characters ever really age) or (given enough air time) would we eventually see their pre-established evolution (or any variance you came up with)?

Sorry for the ramble. Thanks for your time and for creating such a kick-butt show!

Greg responds...

Time will pass on the series realistically, with characters aging appropriately. BUT...

Keep in mind that the entire first season takes place over a single six month period. (Despite the fact that it will take way longer than that to air.) And Season Two likewise takes place over a six month period.

Timestamps can be used to track how much time has passed in the world of the series. But obviously, you aren't going to see our characters age significantly between, say episode 118 and 119.

Response recorded on February 02, 2012