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Garfield writes...

Young Justice is my current obsession! (It feeds my inner comic geek. :)) I can't wait for more episodes!

1.) I believe you've confirmed that Beast Boy will be appearing in Young Justice. Can you disclose his age?

2.) How old is KIller Frost?

3.) How old is Edward Nygma?

4.) In Robin's profile on Cartoon Network they call him "Immature". This confuses me slightly; he's certainly mischievous, but on the other hand he is, arguably, the most intelligent, has the most experience, gets along well with adults, even Batman (Mr. Know it All) respects his opinion. So, is he dubbed "immature" because of his rather impish nature? Or something else I've failed notice?


Greg responds...

1. I've confirmed nothing of the sort.

2. Twenty-seven.

3. Thirty.

4. I won't take responsibility for promotional materials.

Although I DID write the bios on the back of the Mattel Young Justice Action Figures!!

Response recorded on February 02, 2012