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Laura 'ad astra' Sack writes...

A few questions on Red Tornado's family...I knew next to nothing about the characters until they showed up on Young Justice so I turned to Wikipedia and Comicvine and have a few question. It seems Red Torpedo and Firebrand were Golden Age Quality Comics properties that got bought in total by DC. The reappeared in the 80s but set in their original WWII and shortly after time period.
1. Do you have rough ideas of their heroic days in the YJ universe?
If so...
2. Red Torpedo seemed to have founded some scientist paradise floating city after his heroing days. In the cartoon continuity did he die instead?
3. The original Firebrand was a rich man without superpowers. When he was brought back in the 80's he was injured (or killed?) and his sister who had or was soon to have superpowers discovered his secret and took over the identity. In the YJ version is she the original Firebrand, or is she also in some way sister to the first one with a similar backstory?
4. Assuming wiki is correct- she also had cocustody of her late ex fiance's daughter (mother of Atom Smasher) and later was killed, along with her husband by a supervillain. In the YJ continuity did she have the daughter and/or husband?
5. I missed it while watching the episode, but comments refer to the flashback of her death set at the 1939 World's Fair. Was she a pre-WWII hero in the YJ continuity instead of a WWII era one as in the orignal comics?
6. Last question- a plain old in reference to the episode question: Did the JLA make any sort of announcement about their deaths fighting Red Volcano? Or any sort of Public or private memorial? There were no bodies to bury, but they did deserve honors. And, though elderly, there would seem to be folks around who would still remember the 'beloved' Firebrand.

Greg responds...

1. Yes.

2. See issues 14 and 15 of the Young Justice companion comic.

3. Red Inferno was the second Firebrand. As to her connection to the first: SPOILER REQUEST. NO COMMENT.


5. Actually, there was some understandable confusion there. Her "death" took place at the SITE of the 1939 World's Fair - which was also the headquarters of the All-Star Squadron - but it actually happened in 1945.


Response recorded on February 02, 2012