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Crystal Diamond writes...

Howdy Mr. Weisman,
I tried checking around your archive, but didn't find this question or a couple of others. For starters, I LOVE Young Justice, you guys are doing an awesome job with it! So, my interrogation is this.
1- In the episode Bereft, Miss Martian restoring Superboy's memories show a clip of her in her human form a the local Happy Harbor High School cheerleading practice attire, but they hadn't went to high school yet. At first I thought it was probably an airing mishap of the episodes, but then on the episode Targets when they went to school, the Sphere was present. I'm confused. I also noticed a farm present when Miss Martian and Superboy's minds connected, could this farm be Smallville? I thought Superboy didn't know Superman's identity since in Targets the suggestion of the name Kent made them think of Dr. Fate and not Clark Kent. I confused again...

2- I noticed the dates of the missions have been promptly kept up with and I was wondering does this mean there will an episode in the future showing the team celebrating the holidays?

3- I noticed since Wolf hit the scenes, we haven't seen the Sphere. Do they get along?

4- Miss Martian is in cheerleading, does that mean Superboy will be participating in any extra-school activities or sports?

5- What's the martian bioship's weight capacity?

6- With 10 episodes left of season 1, will be seeing any headway (instead of glares+ignoring) in the Superman + Superboy relation status before season 2?

Thanks SO much for your time. If you can answer any one of these I will be so very happy! ^_^

Greg responds...

1a. She was NOT wearing Happy Harbor cheerleading attire.

1b. You saw a farm or you saw a corn field (like the corn field from 105)?

2. By now, hopefully, you've seen our Halloween episode.

3. Yes.


5. I don't know.


Response recorded on February 02, 2012