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Buster writes...

Hi Greg,
Big fan here. And I mean BIG fan. Like, Blockbuster-sized-big fan. This is definitely one of my most favorite (was there a grammar mistake somewhere in there?) shows ever. EVER.
I don't really have any questions about the team. I think you've portrayed them all fabulous, all the way from M'gann's naivety about Earth in the beginning right down to Robin and Wally's amazing BFFosity.
But I do have some questions about the League, since we haven't seen a ton of them yet.
I am a huge fangirl, so...
I was wondering if...
1. Is Hawkwoman with Green Lantern or Hawkman on Earth-16? Neither?
2. Is Batman in a relationship with Catwoman, Princess Diana, or neither?
3. Any other relationships? (Besides the given ones, like GA and BC and Barry and Iris.)

Urgh, pointless question in pointless. Well, thanks for taking the time to look at this. It means a ton to us fanirls everywhere!


Greg responds...

1. Hawkwoman and Hawkman are spouses.

2. SPOILER REQUEST. NO COMMENT... except that if you check out issues 11 and 12 of our companion comic, you can see the status of his relationship with Talia al Ghul.

3. Sure.

Response recorded on February 03, 2012