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Anonymous writes...

I know you've thoroughly addressed your reasoning behind choosing Dick Grayson for Robin; and I'd assume the choice of Wally West for Kid Flash vs Bart Allen mirrors that to a degree. Moreover, I'm sure ethnic diversity amongst the team played a role in the choice of Kaldur'ahm for Aqualad. However, I'm curious what specifically drew you to Superboy, Miss Martian, and Artemis.

I'm aware that Wondergirl wasn't option at the time due to legal reasons, so that took one teenage hero equipped with both super-strength and a connection to the league (via Wonder Woman) out of the equation. The other leaguer that occupies the same niche as Wonder Woman is Superman. If you were going for a 'sidekick' of sorts to Superman then you'd have Superboy and Supergirl to choose from - what drew you to him in contrast to her?

What about Artemis was special? I don't necessarily mean in juxtaposition Arrowette or Speedy (Mia Dearden), though I'd love to hear your thought there to, so much as out of all of the DC girls you could have chosen what drew you to her?

Finally, what drew you to Miss Martian? Assuming you wanted an alien character on the team's rosters, you'd have a vast assortment of DC characters at your fingertips that fit that mold.

In conclusion, I want to say that I adore Young Justice and it's characters. This inquiry was purely out of curiosity.

Thank you for your time!

Greg responds...

These are all valid questions... that I'd be way more open to discussing AFTER Season One ends. For now, there's almost no way I could get into the topics without SPOILERS. So, NO COMMENT.

Response recorded on February 06, 2012