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Dennis writes...

I have few questions on Young Justice

1)When coming up with the team what other characters did you consider before settling on the current roster?

2)On the a DC forum someone asked if Young Justice would surpass the Justice League TV series by the end of its run. What are your thoughts on this?

3)Kaldur was favorite character from the start but the episode Downtime made me a fanboy of all things Atlantean, the city, Garth, Mera everything. So am wondering will we get another Atlantis themed episode this season?

And lastly I would just like to give my gratitude to you, Brandon and all the people that make Young Justice possible. Its an amazing show I am thankful for or as they say in Bemba, my native language, Natotela.

Greg responds...

1. As I've said before there was a list of over 50 or 60+ teen characters, i.e. everyone we could think of/that our research turned up. I'm not going to reprint the list here.

2. (a) Define "surpass". (b) We're not in competition with that series, nor would we want to be, so I see no good coming out of this line of thinking.

3. If you want more Atlantis sooner than later, check out issues 14 and 15 of the Young Justice companion comic.

Response recorded on February 06, 2012