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Vanotd writes...

Hi Greg, enjoyed all your series so far. Gargoyles, Spectacular Spider-man (the artwork was "interesting", but still an enjoyable cartoon), and Young Justice. I had to laugh when you answered a fan's response about Young Justice coming to Blu-ray (which is a format for High Definition DVD's. I guess working on Young Justice must exhaust you.). Anyway, just a couple of things i wanted to know.

do you keep all the concept art for all the characters you have made for each show, and are you allowed to give the art to people?

will we have any opportunities to see other Justice Society of America members in cameos? considering Jay Garrick has been seen along with Dr. Fate.

keep up the good work!!

Greg responds...

1. No, the art is not mine to either keep or give away.


Response recorded on February 07, 2012