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Total Miss Martian Fan! writes...

Hi Greg!
I am so excited about Young Justice I just wanted to say good job on the characters and especially Miss Martian and Superboy. I have a few questions:

1. In Failsafe of Young Justice could Miss Martian possibly be more powerful than the Phoenix Force?
2. Will Artemis and Wally ever find out that Miss Martian and Superboy are dating?
3. In Homefront we saw a flash back that had Artemis and a girl that looked like Cheshire and in Targets Cheshire said: "Archery girl I like her" If that is someone Artemis knows does Cheshire really care about her?
4. In Failsafe (Favorite episode) when Martian Man Hunter was saying: "her mind is by far stronger than mine could the team hear what he was saying?
5. (Last question Greg)At the end of Failsafe when Miss Martian was crying in Capt. Marvel's Arms why did Superboy look sad and was holding his arm tightly?
Thank you so much Greg for putting time into answering my questions and you are doing a real good job you and the staff of course I don't watch TV alot but Young Justice gives me something to look forward too. Real Good Job.
P.S. do you consider doing a season 3?

Greg responds...

1. Apples and oranges.

2. Artemis found out in episode 118.

3. When Cheshire referred to "Archery Girl" she was talking about Artemis. And Artemis' sister in the flashback was Cheshire. Otherwise, I'm not sure I understand the question.

4. In theory, Superboy could. But I don't think he was listening.

5. I'll leave that to your interpretation.

Response recorded on February 08, 2012