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Anonymous writes...

I did a search for "speed force" and didn't find anything that answered my question so I hope this isn't a duplicate.

Someone asked you why you "got rid of the speed force on Earth 16" and you replied that you didn't get rid of it on Earth 16 because it was never there.

My question is, why? Why did you decide that you didn't want the speed force on Earth 16? I like the speed force. It doesn't necessarily bother me that there won't be an episode about the speed force on Young Justice, but it does kinda bother me that there CAN'T be an episode about the speed force.

Greg responds...

I'll admit I don't understand the Speed-Force. It comes after my time, so to speak, but I'll ask again, if there's a speed-force, does that also mean there's also a strength-force or an archery-force, etc.? What makes the concept necessary and not just unnecessarily complicated? I've not personally read the materials where it first appeared, so I have NO OPINION of them, but no one's ever been able to explain it to me OUT OF CONTEXT in a way that didn't cause me to make a 'yucky' face.

And AGAIN, I'll restate what I've stated many times since, which is that no one on Earth-16 has HEARD of the Speed-Force. If you want to believe it's there, but they just don't know about it, more power to you.

And again, you may have checked the archives for this. But did you check the UNANSWERED QUESTIONS queue? Because I know I've dealt with this multiple times before, so your search to make sure this wasn't "a duplicate" leaves a little to be desired.

Response recorded on February 08, 2012