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Ice writes...

Well, first, sorry for a typo in a question I recently sent you about Castle Wyvern. I meant haunted, not hunted.

Also, I want to mention the Young Justice episode "Failsafe". I actually missed the episode the week before, so at first I was really confused. I thought at first maybe an alien invasion started in that episode out of nowhere and this was part two. After Batman died, it was hard to take it seriously, as in, I knew at that point that I was wrong and that this episode was going to end up being similar to "Future Tense". There were a few points for a second I actually questioned it though. Such as when Martian Manhunter came in, I easily bought the whole idea that the beams were just teleporting people. Again, I feel this might be just a result of missing the previous episode, assuming I just missed something big (Such as when I unfortunately missed the episode where apparently Red Tornado was forced into betraying the team by his programming, I don't know much about what happened there, only info I have on that is from what the characters said in following episodes.) I'm not for certain when I came back to the idea that the episode was going to have a "Future Tense" sort of ending, I think it probably was the point when Manhunter said he was wrong about the beams, since, if the beams really did kill the people they hit, obviously Manhunter would've been dead. It was a pretty good episode though as always.

I suppose the only question I really have is if comparisons(I was reading through unanswered questions earlier and I saw another person making the comparison) between "Failsafe" and "Future Tense" bug you? Or just comparisons between Gargoyles and any other work you've done since. (As in "Oh, that character is just like *whoever* from Gargoyles" or "Oh, this is just like that one episode of Gargoyles" I suppose.)

Greg responds...

I take all that with a grain of salt.

Obviously, when I was working on Failsafe, I was aware of what we had done back in the day on Future Tense. But the truth is that Brandon came up with the springboard for Failsafe, and he and I worked together with writer Nicole Dubuc to just make this episode the best IT could be.

After that, I realize some comparisons are inevitable, but ultimately the episode either stands on its own or it doesn't. I think it does. Others might disagree. That's what makes it a horse race, as they say.

Response recorded on February 09, 2012