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Vertigo9 writes...

I love Young Justice, it is my favourite cartoon show and one of my favourite tv shows since Spectacular Spiderman was canceled. I have a couple of questions regarding if u have access to certain characters.
1 Do you have access to use Swamp thing?
2 Do you have access to use Timothy Hunter?
3 Do you have access to use Dream, Death, and the rest of the endless?
4 Do you have access to use Lucifer?
5 Do you have access to use Animal Man?
Thanks for answering the questions.

Greg responds...

I'm afraid I'm not willing to answer any of this. It isn't politic for me to get into these issues with the fans. And if I answer for some characters, then by implication the ones I don't answer for are de facto "answered".

So generally, I'll say what I've stated before. When we started development on the series, there were less than ten characters that we expressed an INTEREST in using that we were told were off-limits. Since then, some of those are NO LONGER off-limits. And the ones that still are can be counted on one hand.

But ALL OF THIS only applies to characters we ASKED about. I have no idea whether characters we DIDN'T ask about are off-limits or not.

(I wasn't about to annoy everyone by making them check every single character in the DCU legally to find out whether or not they were off limits if we had no intention of using them ever.)

But rest assured, we were ALWAYS designed to be a series that explored the depth and breadth of the DC Universe. You won't have a shortage of characters. That, I guarantee.

Response recorded on February 09, 2012