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Jess writes...

Hey I'm relatively new to reading American comics. I really enjoyed your work on Spectacular Spider-man, been a long time fan of the DC animated Universe so I was happy to see you'd be working on Young Justice. So far it's been a pleasure. I especially enjoyed Failsafe. I noticed the trend of the number 16 (16 member Justice League, 16 week old Superboy, 16 earth years is M'gann's age and so on) was that to hint at this episode or will this trend continue? Either way, well done. I didn't actually like Superboy and M'gann together at first but their relationship is blossoming beautifully now they are together, I suppose it was mostly Superboy's anger but it's nice to see him them happy and treated as equals. I think they are a wonderful message for kids in how to treat each other as equals in a relationship. I hope the revelation of M'gann's true powers don't cause too much trouble for them. Though I doubt it. Her catchphrase is adorable, happy to see Wally adopt it. I was surprised that Wally and Artemis didn't share a moment at the end of the episode until I realised it would probably ruin the tension and emotion of the revelation a the end of the episode.

Sorry this sort of turned into a Young Justice Appreciation post instead of a question.

Greg responds...

That's okay. We here on the staff of ASK GREG appreciate appreciation.

As for your query about the number 16, it goes deeper than that, since the whole series is set on Earth-16.

Response recorded on February 09, 2012