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Mikayla writes...

Hey, Greg. Loved "Disclosure" last Friday. I've never seen or read anything with the Forever People in it, so this was my first experience with them, and I'm happy to report that it was a good one.

I found the therapy sessions to be interesting, as well. I actually do have a question about some of the things Robin said. Obviously, this was a very crucial moment in his development as a character. 1. Were his concerns about taking over the Batman mantle supposed to be an allusion to the kind of Batman Dick became in the comics? Or was it more of a Nightwing reference? 2. Was Black Canary the only one Dick felt comfortable opening up to? If given the chance, would he have confided in Alfred and Bruce?

Greg responds...

1. Neither.

2. Maybe Alfred, but I don't think he's ready to tell Bruce yet. Not because Bruce is an ogre or anything, but because sometimes kids are afraid of disappointing their parents.

Response recorded on February 10, 2012