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Arthur Jr. writes...

Hey Greg, I have seen the recent episodes of "Young Justice" and that I have seen who the members of "The Light" (Project Cadmus' Board of Directors) are. L-1 is Vandal Savage, L-2 is Ra's al Ghul, L-3 is Lex Luthor, L-4 is one of the Bialyan Queen Bees, L-5 is Ocean Master (there hasn't been a mentioning if he and Orm are the same thing yet), L-6 is Brain, and L-7 is Klarion the Witch Boy. The episode "Revelations" had them using the Injustice League as their proxies where you and Jamie Thomason had casted Alyssa Milano as Poison Ivy and Brent Spiner as Joker. Brent did a good job with his rendition of Joker.

Back with the Bialyan Queen Bee that Marina Sirtis voices, there were two Bialyan Queen Bees in DC Comics. The first one was an enemy of Justice League International until she was assassinated by Colonel Rumaan Harjavti's brother Sumaan. The second one is the sister of the previous Bialyan Queen Bee named Beatriz who status is unknown after Captain Marvel's Extreme Justice team brought an end to her activities. So which of these Bialyan Queen Bees did you place as L-4?

I was pleased with how you shown the Forever People, Desaad, and Intergang in "Disordered." When it came to Intergang, the only members identified were Bruno Mannheim (the son of Moxie "Boss" Mannheim) and Whisper A'Daire (who used to work for Ra's al Ghul's League of Assassins) while the rest seemed to be Intergang foot soldiers. When it came to Desaad, there was a reference about Desaad's master probably indicating that Darkseid and the other New Gods of Apokolips might appear at some point.

Greg responds...

The first Queen Bee of Bialya.

Response recorded on February 10, 2012