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Tiger & Bunny writes...


I was wondering if you've heard about the recent phenomena known as 'Tiger & Bunny'. Its a show about superheroes having their own tv show. Recently, there have been many 'cameo appearances' by some of those characters in other series. (Like just walking passed, or a poster, etc.)

Would you ever consider the addition of cameo appearances of heros from other shows? (Not necessarily heros from Tiger & Bunny either. Maybe even real-life people look-alikes.) Like Easter eggs for those of us on the web that nerd out over everything!

Greg responds...

We've had our share of Easter Eggs, I suppose. Flaming C (or a guy dressed as him) appeared in episode 118, and character designer Phil Bourassa was frozen while barbecuing in episode 101.

Response recorded on February 10, 2012