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Anonymous writes...

Wanted to tell you that Disordered is perhaps my favorite episode yet. Faux-apocalypse stories have been done before, even though I did really enjoy the previous episode, but I've NEVER seen anyone dedicate time to the emotional fallout from such traumatic experiences. I love that YJ keeps defying expectation. It made the previous episode seem meaningful too, rather than just an excuse for shock value, which is all I normally expect from similar stories.

The dialogue and deliveries in Canary's sessions were pure gold. I loved Wally's the most. Do you ever get impressions on scripts from the voice actors? Get any feedback on this one?

Greg responds...

"Impressions on scripts"? I'm not sure what that means. If you're asking about actor feedback, in general it's been positive. I don't have a specific memory about this one, but keep in mind we recorded it back in September of 2010. My memory's just not that good, I'm afraid.

Response recorded on February 10, 2012