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TorTor writes...

First off, let me say Young Justice is just outstanding-it has a healthy continuity and keeps me eager for the ability to time-travel so I can watch the next episode. I would like to ask a few questions, though, about the great show.

1. First off, don't let the "Hello Megan" criticism take you down-I find it amusing and sweet on her part because she still needs to explore more of earth. But were you aware there was going to be issues over the catchphrase?

2. Is there any reason why you picked Roy's Arrow identity and not Arsenal, which was his second following 'Speedy'?

3. You said you had mixed feelings of fanfiction, but what do you think of fanart?

4. Why use Artemis instead of Arrowette or the second Speedy?

5. How far do you plan to take the show? (i.e. in regards to death, sex, etc. We already saw a character die, but that was a first)

6. Which voice actors did you know before production?

7. What's the best comment about the show you've received?

8. What was with the 6-month hiatus?

9. Did you ever discuss heroes' children being born in the show?

10. Who came up with the idea to include the classmates in "Targets" and "Home Front"?

11. What do your children think of the show?

12. Was Black Canary often your idea of a fierce or gentle figure (she did show a motherly side with her therapy sessions)?

13. How fat do you want to take Conner/Megan's relationship, as relationships that start early often end early.

14. Which member of the team would you be most eager to meet?

Greg responds...

1. "Issues", no? A response, yes.


3. Generally, I'm a fan of fanart.


5. I'm not really sure what you're asking here. We're taking the show where it leads.

6. Uh... a lot of 'em. More than I can count off the top of my head. Of our six leads... none. Of our Justice Leaguers: Phil LaMarr (Aquaman), Kevin Michael Richardson (Martian Manhunter, Green Lantern), Vanessa Marshall (Black Canary), Jeff Bennett (Red Tornado). Of The Light: Miguel Ferrer (Vandal Savage), Mark Rolston (Lex Luthor), Marina Sirtis (Queen Bee), Corey Burton (Brain), Thom Adcox (Klarion). Of the Injustice League: Steve Blum (Count Vertigo), Brent Spiner (Joker). And of course, Edward Asner (Kent Nelson), Bill Fagerbakke (Bear), Grey Delisle (Whisper, Dreamer), Kath Soucie (Mera, Joan), Cree Summer (Tula, Mary), Lacey Chabert (Zatanna), Crispin Freeman (Guardian, Speedy/Red Arrow), and more, I'm sure.

7. I don't know off the top of my head. Gotten a lot of nice comments.

8. Don't know.

9. Sure. Mera's pregnant, remember?

10. Brandon and I.

11. They seem to like it.

12. Both.

13. How "fat"? I don't understand.

14. Any or all.

Response recorded on February 10, 2012