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*The Bride of Ringo* writes...

Hi once again doll... ok, here's my question:

1) Did Goliath kind of already know that Angela was his biological daughter before the events in 'Monsters' happened but just didn't say he already knew? The reason i ask this is that in "Avalon: Part 1" Elisa points out that Angela looks like Demona, but with different coloring, Goliath knows what he looks like and what Demona looks like, so maybe he figured in his own head Angela was his biologic child. Also, in "Shadows of the past" as Goliath shows Angela the rookery he looks at her, at that same time he hear Demona saying "Come to me".

Greg responds...

Yeah, I think Goliath figured it out instantly. And I think he instantly felt a kinship with her. But also with Gabriel, who isn't his biological son. Goliath doesn't have the same "social programming" we do with regard to biological offspring.