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Anonymous writes...

I'm sorry if this comes across as too harsh; it isn't my intent. My question is about the tie-in comics. I'm a bit concerned with Artemis' portrayal--namely, the fact that she's usually colored with blue eyes and much more "peaches and cream" skin tone than she has on the show. I know it probably won't be possible for already completed issues, but is there any chance of correcting this in the future? As much as I enjoy the comic and want to support the show, I'm not comfortable with what could be misconstrued as whitewashing one of the few Asian superheroes. I don't believe there's any real intent to do that, since the colorist has probably never watched the show and just assumed that the blonde girl would be a blue-eyed Caucasian, but it's a bit distracting and it's beginning to impair my enjoyment of the book.

Again, I don't want this to sound accusatory, and I have a great deal of respect for everyone who works on the show. I'm just a bit dismayed by this, because a lot of fans don't seem to realize that Artemis is half-Vietnamese: the vast majority of fanart also gives her blue eyes and Caucasian skin tone and facial features.

Thanks again for reading this, and I look forward to all future installments of Young Justice. :)

Greg responds...

We are in fact making an effort to correct this. I'll take the blame for this. I review all color, but I sometimes do it on a relatively small screen and the eye-color errors slipped past me. But please know that no one was ever trying to 'white-wash' the character. Mistakes do happen, but there was no 'intent' behind them. They're just mistakes. Apologies.

Response recorded on February 13, 2012