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Anonymous writes...

Hey Greg (is it okay to call you by first name?),

I'm puzzled as to why some of the superheroes of the Justice League do not have any voice actors yet? Is it really hard to find the right kind of people to do voice acting for certain characters?

Thanks for reading my question.

Greg responds...

Yes, please. Call me "Greg." Just don't call me late for din--

No, I'm not going there.


Some characters don't have voice actors yet simply because they haven't had any lines of dialogue yet. Voice actors are wonderful, but they are an expense, and we can't afford to give characters lines - and thus hire another actor - just for the fun of it. Plus there's only so much screen time in any given episode. Thus if a character doesn't have anything salient to say, he or she is not going to speak.

Response recorded on February 13, 2012