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Anonymous writes...

In Issue 10 of the YJ comic, why was Megan's skin green when in the diner? Wouldn't she have changed it to caucasian? And why didn't the other two men say anything or react to it?

Greg responds...

That's what's called in the business: "A tragically stupid mistake!"

How we all missed that is beyond me. Seriously. I was so embarrassed when I saw it in print. I went back to my color proofs, positive that she was caucasian in them and that some helpful soul had 'corrected' her to green after the fact. But nope. She was green. And none of us noticed until it was too late.

If you need an in universe explanation, I think she forgot to change to caucasian, and her friends were so used to seeing her green that they didn't notice until it was too late. (Sound familiar.) Then you got to figure that Bibbo and Perry DID notice when they entered, but figured she was wearing full-body make-up. They probably commented on it when the kids first entered, but by the time we joined the action, Bibbo had moved on to comment about their cellphone use.

Yeah. That's the ticket!

Response recorded on February 13, 2012