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Anonymous writes...

Hey Greg,

In the Young Justice episode "Revelation," when the plant creatures attacked the bridge in Star City, they were also attacking what appears to be a Metropolis school bus. Inside the bus, only the students and the bus driver himself were seen. Was that some kind of mistake? Was that supposed to be a Star City school bus instead? If was meant to be a Metropolis school bus, I can assume there was some kind of field trip involved, but if that were true, then where is the teacher?

Thank you for reading the question.

Greg responds...

This, for once, was NOT a mistake.

On one level, it's an in joke. That Metropolis school bus gets around. And it always has the same students and bus driver, and it's always getting in trouble on a bridge. (See episode 105 for its first appearance.) Keep an eye out for it. It'll be back.

On another level, it was a field trip. And the teacher IS the bus driver.

Response recorded on February 13, 2012