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Anonymous writes...

Hey Greg,

"Secrets" was quite an interesting episode to say the least, specifically the conversation concerning the possibility of a mole on The Team.

Based on what Red Arrow said, he instantly ruled out his friends (Aqualad, Robin, and Kid Flash)as potential traitors since he's known them the longest. This left us with three possible candidates: Superboy, Miss Martian, and Artemis. I have questions regarding these three people.

First, there's Superboy. In "Fireworks," when Superboy met the Justice League, I'm guessing he told them everything about himself offscreen; that's also assuming he told them what the purpose of his creation was, right? (Since his purpose was to replace Superman if he dies, or kill Superman if he turned evil) In this episode, Batman thinks that Cadmus programmed something specific into Superboy, and suspects that Superboy could be the mole without being aware of it. What does that mean? Is Superboy at risk of being mind-controlled or is it something more?

Second, there's Miss Martian. According to Red Arrow, Martian Manhunter told Black Canary he had a few hundred nieces and nephews. I don't remember that being that being mentioned in the comics, so is this fact true or false on the show? I'll be surprised he has a large family if this fact turns out to be true. Red Arrow claimed that Miss Martian met her uncle for the first time 5 months prior to this episode when she stowed away on his last trip from Mars to Earth. (Storywise, that's June,isn't it?) If that is true, why would she do that? Given her personality, I personally doubt she is the mole, but will there be a reasonable explanation for her coming to Earth in a future episode?

Lastly, there's Artemis. Red Arrow knew right off the bat that she wasn't the niece of Green Arrow, and he even told Aqualad and Robin in this episode. Batman defended Artemis' status, which I'm not surprised at. I know the comic kind of explained what he knows, but did Batman really connected the dots and knows Sportsmaster is Atermis' father and is just not saying anything to let Artemis tell The Team on her own terms?
In terms with how Artemis has been acting, she's been really protective about her family secrets, since she still refuses to open up, even to Zatanna. Will her constant unwilliingness to come clean get her into serious trouble in the remaining episodes of this season?

Thanks for reading my questions.

Greg responds...

1. Batman thinks it's a POSSIBILITY that Cadmus programmed more into Superboy than even Superboy is aware of. Beyond that, SPOILER REQUEST. NO COMMENT.

2a. It's true.

2b. June, yes.





Response recorded on February 13, 2012