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Cassidy01 writes...

Loved 'Secrets'!

1.) What color are Greta Hayes' eyes?

2.) I've had some difficulty grasping Zatanna's personality, and I was wondering if you'd be willing to describe her. Not some detailed analysis or anything - just a handful of adjectives innate to Zatanna's incarnation in Earth-16. (Ex. Kid Flash: Class Clown, Immature, Goofy, Impulsive, Flirty, etc.)

Thanks so much!

Greg responds...

1. Pale green.

2. If I had to pick one word: mischievous. But she is who she is. She's many things. Honest, direct, flirty, devlish, loyal, etc. Frankly, this whole question makes me uncomfortable. The material should stand on its own, and if it doesn't then I don't know how me listing qualities here is going to help.

Response recorded on February 13, 2012