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The Batfan writes...

"Secrets" intrigued me. I'm really glad we got to see more Zatanna - her YJ incarnation is the best I've ever seen. Is she an official member of the team yet?

As an intriguing episode should, this one prompted a few (more) questions:

1. Zatanna has an "A" authorization code, unlike the Team's "B" classifications and League's pure numbers. Can you explain what the difference is between "A" and "B" designations? What they represent?

2. Where does Zatanna live? (And, if it's "with G. Zatara, where is that?)

3. I'm really interested in how magic works in the Earth-16 universe (and specifically on Earth). We've seen Nabu and Klarion, magical beings from other planes of existence who assert their influence on Earth (and really, why Earth of all worlds?); we've seen Wotan, whose design evokes a wizard vampire, and who casts his incantations in Latin; and we've seen the Zataras, who speak backwards in English to use their magic.
And then there's the sword of Beowulf, unleashed from its scabbard by an incantation in Olde English.
a) Just restating the point above: Lords of Order and Chaos choose to manifest on Earth. Is it only Earth (and, if so, why?), or are there Lords of Choas and Order who choose to duke it out over other worlds?
b) I've noticed that all magical energy used so far is yellow (Fate, Wotan, Zatara) - with the blatant exception of Klarion's red magic. Does this have any significance, and, if so, what is it?
c) Can anyone who has an affinity for magic (and what does that mean? Kent Nelson said something to that effect about Madame Xanadu) learn magic? What is the source (or sources) of magic, when used by beings who are not inherently mystical (i.e. not Lords of Chaos/Order)?
d) How do the sword and scabbard of Beowulf have magical power?
e) How well-known is the existence of magic among the general populace of Earth? Is it an accepted academic fact - and, if not, how do people explain Zatara's powers?

4. This episode suggests that the public has some awareness not only of the existence of *one* Martian (i.e. Manhunter), but of the entire Martian nation (since the response to a supposed Martian invasion is not "OMG Martians," but seems more like "Shoot, war with Mars"). How exactly is the public aware of the Martian civilization? How aware are the governments of the Martian civilization, and are there any kinds of diplomatic relations/trade?
If people are not aware, how is this possible with a Martian as a public hero?

5. Ghosts. We've seen Kent Nelson's soul, bonded with the helmet for a few thousand years, and "Secret," the ghost of Harm's dead sister. When do departed souls manifest as ghosts in the world, and why? How much power do they have?

Thank you so much, for all your considerate attention. The numbers here are meant to serve as "headings" for similarly-themed questions, so there are actually quite a lot in here; again, thanks for your consideration.

Greg responds...

0. No.

1. A is for Authorized Guests of the League. B is for Team members. The A designation pre-dates the creation of the Team.

2. With Zatara in New York.


3b. I don't know.

3c. I think Zatanna described it best in "Humanity". I don't have much to add.

3d. They were infused at their creation.

3e. Folks know about Zatara. Whether they attribute his abilities to 'magic' or to something akin to what Kid Flash was describing in "Denial" is up to the individual.

4. Thanks to Martian Manhunter there is some (minimal) awareness that Mars is inhabited. There isn't any diplomatic or trade relations between the planets at this time. No communication either.

5. It's not so different from traditional ghost traditions. Greta was not "At rest". Most folks who die pass on. But a few do not. "Power" depends on circumstances.

Response recorded on February 13, 2012