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Anonymous writes...

Hey Greg,

I have questions about The Light, the main antagonists of season 1 of Young Justice. I have to say that the way you carefully set up their appearances from starting off as shadowy at the end of episode 2 to finally appearing in the flesh at the end of episode 14 was extremely clever. I have to admit that I thought the Injustice League themselves were the real bad guys that had their voices distorted when talking with their associates (like Sportsmaster and the Sensei, for example) and that "The Light" was just a cover name for the Injustice League, until the time was right to reveal themselves. When I saw the real members of The Light, I was surprised (probably just as much as anyone else you saw episode 14) because I thought some of those guys were just allies and not actual members, though I'm sure other fans of the show figured it out more or less.

This brings me to my questions:

a. Will there be a storywise explanation as to what exactly lead to the creation of this super-villain group in the first place?

b. What motivated you to create this unique and original super-villain group? Was it because you wanted to avoid using typical super-villain group names such as Legion of Doom?

c. Why were these people specifically chosen to be members of "The Light," and not anyone else? Were you looking for something specific in each of these members, something that stands out?

d. What exactly is their big plan(or is it more appropriately called their endgame?) and how are all of their activities(such as the attempt to steal the Helmet of Fate and the failed attempt to obtain Starro)thus far connected to this plan?

e. The episode "Infiltrator" suggests they had a hand in inserting a mole into The Team. However, The Team itself believe this to be nothing more than a mind game based on Sportsmaster's tip. Five out of six members of The Team (based on their actions on the field in every episode thus far) appear to be clean. Artemis seems to be the only one who hasn't come clean yet with her secrets, perhaps due to fear she may be hated, perhaps? Even so, her secrets about her family wouldn't prove life-threatening to either the Team or the Justice League, would they? The existence of the mole, in my opinion, is in doubt. Is this mole even real to begin with, and if so, is that person is somehow being unknowingly manipulated by The Light somehow?

f. Depending on what The Light may do (endangering the world, no matter what actions they take), will the lives of both the Team and the Justice League, and even the lives of those closest to them be in any sort of danger?

Thanks for taking the time to read all my questions.

Greg responds...


b. I suppose. But mostly, it seemed in character.




f. I'd say 'SPOILER REQUEST. NO COMMENT." But you can all but guarantee that our characters will be put in danger.

Response recorded on February 13, 2012