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warrior93 writes...

1. Why did Klarion joined the light?

2. What young justice questions are considered spoilers?

3. Are you bothered by the amount of young justice questions?

4. Where do most supervillians draw the line for instance do most of the belle reeve inmates hate sexual crimes?

5. How long has guardian been working at cadmus and how long has he been a superhero?

6. How long has green arrow has been a superhero?

Greg responds...

1. Mostly, because it seemed like fun.

2. Anything that asks about stuff yet to come.

3. Not by the "amount" of questions, but I am bothered by (a) the repeated requests for spoilers and (b) the repeated requests for answers that have ALREADY been answered. (That last category would include this question, by the way.)

4. The population of an entire prison is too diverse to answer this.

5. He's been a hero for two years and head of security at Cadmus for one.

6. Nine years.

Response recorded on February 14, 2012