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warrior93 writes...

61. Where is harm now?

62. Where were harm parents?

63. What martial arts does batman, robin, and artemis know?

64. Did 9/11, hurricane katrina, or the iraq war happened on earth 16?

65. Have any other superheroes were involved in any other wars besides ww2?

66. Were any of the jsa members were active crimefighters after the jsa disbanded?

67. Did jay fight any supervillans during his semi retired days?

68. How hard was for ya'll to get alyson stoner?

69. Does robin school have any halloween events?

70. Where did captain marvel go trick or treating and how much candy did he get?

Greg responds...

61. (Why 61?) Anyway, he's awaiting trial and a psych evaluation in New York, most likely.

62. Dead.

63. Plenty O'

64. Yes.

65. Depends what you mean by "involved".

66. Yes.

67. Yes.

68. I don't recall it being hard, though of course we were glad to have her as part of the cast.

69. I don't know.

70. Fawcett City.

70a. Don't know.

Response recorded on February 15, 2012