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Anonymous writes...

Hey Greg,

I've got a curious questions to ask you.

a. Young Justice is classified as Earth-16 in the DC multiverse, although there had been contradictory information about this version of Earth prior to the announcement that the show would take place here. The first contraction claims that Earth-16 was the home of the Super-Sons (Superman Jr. and Batman Jr.) as indicated by early material such as DC Nation Issue #89. The second contradiction, which ruled out the Super-Sons continuity, claims that an alternate version of Superman (who was called Christopher Kent) was a native to this universe, as indicated by "Countdown: Arena" (This was a four-issue comic book series). This leads me to my question: When you decided you use Earth-16 for your show, did you (and your team) noticed these contradictions before when working on your ideas for the show, and did you set up some kind of story-wise explanation as to how these contradictions were removed?

b. At the end of "Schooled," Professor Ivo managed to evade The Team. However, in "Terrors," he somehow winds up in Belle Reve. Will this somehow be explained in a later episode of the show or in a future comic issue?

c. Miss Martian, as with all other Martians, are vulnerable to fire. However, in "Revelation," after Robin destroys the Ivy's plant transmitter, she was shown next to Robin and small flames were around them from the destruction of the transmitter. Interestingly, she was not shown to be vulnerable at that time. Was that some kind of mistake?

Thanks for reading.

Greg responds...



c. The flames weren't that close and/or weren't giving off that much heat.

Response recorded on February 15, 2012