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Airwalker writes...

Goliath basically commited suicide at the end of AWAKENINGS 2 and also abandoned his children. Why hasn't anyone ever brought this up to his face? It's not the same as Demona's betraying the castle but it is just as bad. He abandoned his unborn children and while he did ask Katharine and the Magus to care for them, they didn't exactly have a great record dealing with Gargoyles up to that point. For all he knew they could have done anything after he was frozen.

What are the feelings of the Eggs on this? I understand that Guardian, Magus, and Katharine cared for them, loved them and raised them as their own children but some of them must have some sort of feeling about being abandoned by Goliath. (I know that this sounds like I'm asking for 36 (technically 35, we can't really count Boudicca) individual responses but I'm really interested specifically in Angela, Gabriel, and Ophelia's opinions and only what the general concensus is among the others.)

Greg responds...

This is a great, but VERY complex question.

Even answering just for Angela would require a term paper.

But one thing you need to understand right off the bat is that the "Eggs" were taught their GOLIATH history by Katharine, Tom and the Magus. I doubt Goliath came off as a "bad dad who committed suicide" in their telling of the tale. (Though, that's exactly what happened of course.)

In fact, we have evidence that the clan thought of Goliath as a mystical savior. A Sleeping King who would one day awaken and return when his clan needed him. And isn't that exactly what happened. Tom himself, only a boy when all the bad stuff went down, seemed to feel that finding Goliath would solve all his Archmage problems. (Lucky for him, Elisa and Bronx went along for the ride.)

When you consider the guilt that the Magus (and I assume Katharine) were not shy about revealing, you can see how the story could easily be colored in G's favor.

Now, I'm not saying that every individual garg bought the party line. But, gee, when Goliath did finally show up, things turned out pretty well. With the Archmage, with Oberon. Even the skeptical might have been convinced.

Which really only leaves us with Angela. I feel that after their Nigerian adventure, Goliath would have begun to open up more honestly with her. To reveal truths that he himself might not be conscious of. (After all, she's very intuitive.) She may now know the truth. But to her -- well, my God, there were so many extenuating circumstances. And her life has been so darn great, how's she supposed to complain or feel bitter? It doesn't seem her style.

Anyway, that's what I figure...

Response recorded on September 21, 1999