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Anonymous writes...

Greetings Mr. Weisman,
I want you to know Young Justice is my favorite new show on cartoon network and that I LOVED the episode "Secrets," it was SO CREEPY that I almost forgot I was watching a cartoon (which in alot of ways is better than live action in my opinion lol). Harm was one seriously spooky bad guy, super powers and magic sword aside, what made him truly horrifying was how he came across as a realistic sociopath, a monster you could, god forbid, encounter in real life as opposed to a killer android or alien invader, etc. He wasn't scary because of his powers & magic sword, he was scary because he was a madman who just happened to acquire super powers to go along with his already impressive skills (worse possible scenario for the good guys). What I'd like to ask is...

1) Did Harm's super powers, his crazy strength & invulnerability, come from the Sword of Beowulf along with the lightning bolt attacks or were they powers he already possessed? I only ask because I was confused by the scene where Gretta removed the tattoo mark from over his heart...I know Harm lost control over the sword when Gretta shook his resolve & made him feel guilt, but was the tattoo the physical manifestation of his link to the Sword or was it somekind of magic seal he already had in place to grant him all those other powers?

2) Where did Harm learn his fighting skills? He had to have received training in martial arts and swordsmanship from someone right? Or did he seriously teach himself all those fighting moves? Which, if that is the case, is pretty damn scary in and of itself O_O

3) Where were Harm's and Gretta's folks? Did Harm kill them too or were they orphans?

Greg responds...

1. His super-human abilities came from the Sword. She didn't take his tattoo. You misinterpreted the action.

2. He's mostly self-taught... through fighting others.


Response recorded on February 15, 2012