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Chris Spider writes...

Hello again, Greg! Had some more questions after watching the latest episode:

-Seeing as "Secrets" was written by Peter David, and dealt with characters introduced in his own Young Justice comic, there's something I've been wondering: How did Peter actually come to write for the show?

-On the same token, was it his idea for Harm to speak almost constantly in the third person until the end?

-Was there any struggle with BS&P over the revelation that Harm killed his sister to gain his powers? I was impressed by how the episode handled it: it's clear, but the script doesn't come right out and say it.

-OK, I have to know whose idea it was to have Miss Martian morph into a demonic Marvin the Martian and then roar like Godzilla. Because that was ridiculously funny.

-Going back a couple episodes, "Failsafe" was probably one of the best episodes from a pure acting standpoint, especially Jason Spisak (his cry of "ARTEMIS!" and then "They're dead! Every last one of them!" were especially gut-wrenching) and Danica McKellar. I realize that's less a question than a compliment, but I'd appreciate it if you passed it on to Jamie and the actors nonetheless.

-Were the costumes for the characters in "Secrets" in the script or hashed out in designs/storyboards?

That's all for now, and I thank you again for putting up with us. Can't wait for more Young Justice!

Chris Spider

Greg responds...

1. Peter, I believe, heard about the series and contacted Paul Levitz about the possibility of working on it. Paul, in turn, contacted my boss Sam Register. Sam contacted me and told me Peter was interested in writing on the series, and I contacted Peter.

2. There was no struggle over the fact of it, but there was some discussion over where her grave should be located.

3. That was my idea.

4. I will, thanks.

5. Most of the Halloween costumes were planned in advance of the script. Others came at various stages along the way.

Response recorded on February 15, 2012