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Douglas "macbeth" Lane writes...

You keep brining up that Elisa will deny her love for the big guy becuase she wants to have a normal life. But will her life ever be normal again? I mean just knowing about the gargoyles could potentially mess up somebodies life (Vinnie). Broadway will probably always try to come over for dinner, and she'll always have them on her mind. In a sence they have ruined her life so why should she deny the feelings that she odviously have and go with what she knows she wants?

Greg responds...

There's normal and there's normal.

There's having wonderful, strange friends and adventures.

And there's losing out on the chance to have a family on the order of the kind of family her parents had. The kind she always dreamed of having.

The two notions aren't mutually exclusive until you throw her love for Goliath into the equation.

Ultimately, she won't be able to deny her feelings for him. But that doesn't mean she hasn't tried.

Response recorded on December 16, 1999