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Anonymous writes...

Hello, Mr. Weisman,

I've got some questions about Young Justice.

a. I've always believed that in every season of a television show, there is usually a major theme that is explored within the entirety of that season of a show. This brings me to my question: What is the overall theme of the first season of Young Justice?

b. Without exposing any serious spoilers whatsoever, what can you tell us about what we can hope to expect for the remaining 8 episodes of the first season?

c. While I understand that the show focuses on the teenage superheroes, we know little to no information about the pasts of the Justice League members (based on your responses thus far) of Earth-16. Without risking any major spoilers,is there anything else more that you are able to reveal to us? Here are some example questions:

1. Did any of the founding members ever met each other before the they came together to form the Justice League?

2. Aside from the friendship between Batman and Superman (as seen in "Schooled"), were there any close friendships between other the members, and if so, which ones and for how long have they been friends?

3. With little to no information about the members' pasts, and without risking any major spoilers, can we assume the pasts of all the members are the same as they are in the comics (before the DC relaunch), or have they been changed? I ask because I found nothing in previous postings to suggest any changes; perhaps I may not have looked hard enough. However, if there were any changes, and again, without risking any major spoilers, can you please tell us what was changed specifically? (This question, overall, would definitely give many fans some closure, in my opinion, and as I'm sure you may sympathize.)

d. At the end of "Failsafe," Martian Manhunter stated that Miss Martian's telepathy is far more powerful than his own. In your opinion, does that suggest that this is rare in the Martian race? Also, if her telepathy is so powerful, what is the worse you think she can possibly do, (aside from from what happened in that episode)?

e. When can we hope to see more of Superman and the Flash in future episodes? I ask because thus far, their appearances have been short, and we don't hear them speak at all lately. Will we be given the chance to see them in a much bigger role, as from saving people that is?

f. In your opinion, and without spoiling anything, how do you think season one will end?

Thanks for reading. I hope that all my questions will be answered.

Greg responds...

a. Secrets and Lies. Also independence.

b. Without spoilers? No.

c. Probably not.

1. Any? Yes.

2. Plenty. But I'm not going to list them all.

3. No, you cannot assume anything is the same as in the comics - pre or post relaunch. You can't assume anything not in evidence in either the series or our companion comic book. And even some of that stuff is intentionally false information.

3a. Closure? How would this give ANYONE closure? What am I supposed to be sympathizing with exactly? I'm just not understanding this point. Anyway, I'm willing to give an example from the show of where things are different from the original comics: in the comics, Garth became Aqualad. In our series, he passed on that opportunity, and Kaldur became Aqualad.

d. I don't understand this question either? Are you asking if it's rare for any other Martian to be more powerful than J'onn? Beyond that, SPOILER REQUEST. NO COMMENT.


f. How do I think it will end? I KNOW how it ends. So how could I answer this without spoilers?

Response recorded on February 22, 2012