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OnyxStar writes...

Okay, this is turning into lots of little posts instead of one big one. But anyway, here are the next few:

1. Would Goliath and Elisa's "relationship" ever have become public knowledge? I mean, would someone have figured it out sooner or later and gone to the media with it?

2. If so, how will history remember Elisa Maza, "gargoyle-lover"?

3. Will others have followed in her example by, say, 2158? (not necessarily with a main character or anything, just in general)

4. What does 'protected minority' mean?

Thanks again!

Greg responds...

1. Maybe. Probably. But WAY down the line if at all.

2. Looking back from when?

3. Here and there, but not too often. We want to keep some things unique.

4. It will be a legal term both well-meaning and condescending, both necessary and a stumbling block. Otherwise, I'd say it's fairly self-explanatory.

Response recorded on December 29, 1999