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Chris Spider writes...

Hello again, this time I wanted to ask a few voice acting questions:

-Is there a story behind your "Father, the rockets aren't working!" bit in the Panda-La episode of Talespin (i.e. how you were tasked with doing it)?

-Do you and your co-producers like Frank, Victor, or Brandon select casting and voice directors, or are there "casting calls" for positions like that? I ask because you've made quite a good partnership with Jamie Thomason on Gargoyles, Spider-Man, and Young Justice.

-How do auditions work for main, supporting, and guest characters respectively? I ask because it seems like you hand-pick past favorites for guest stars like Ed Asner, Brent Spiner, Lacey Chabert, Bill Fagerbakke, etc., and I was curious as to how that differs from the main and supporting audition process.

Thanks again,
Chris Spider

Greg responds...

1. Uh, we had to rerecord a number of lines from that episode, so I helped out. (Not much of a story, I know.)

2. We producers select our directors together. And I've had good working relationships with other Voice Directors, including Ginny McSwain, Andrea Romano, Sue Blue and some guy named Greg Weisman, but I'll admit that since Gargoyles, Jamie's usually my first choice, particularly on this type of show.

3. We tend to audition leads, because our bosses like to weigh in and have options and know that we've chosen the best possible candidate. Plus it helps us discover the character. But there's no time to do that for every character once production gets rolling, so we just talk out casting. I'm obviously going to be familiar with the sounds and skills of folks I've worked with before, and since they're good - and fun to be around - I do recommend folks I've enjoyed working with before. Occasionally, we'll hold a mini-audition or two to cast a character (usually a male or female ingenue) when we don't know exactly who to cast.

Response recorded on February 23, 2012