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Kevin writes...

1.How many members did the Justice Society/All Star Squadron have and who were they?
2.Who is stronger Blockbuster or Mammoth?
3.What are the main differences between the Blockbuster formula and Kobra Venom?
4.Do red or white martians have any abilities that green martians do not have?
5.Are the three martian races a nod to Edgar Rice Burroughs Barsoom Series or is it just a coincidence?
6.What is the ratio of red, white and green martians on Mars?
7.Did Batman, Superman, or any other member of the Justice league have different costumes then the ones they ues now?
8.Who is stronger Aquaman or Martian Manhunter?
9.Who came up with the idea to have the designations of the founding members of the league based on the order they appeared? Not to sound like a sycophant but that idea is just brilliant.
10.12. Not really a question I just wanted to say that Mark Rolston as Lex Luthor and Miguel Ferrer as Vandal Savage are some of the best interpretations of the characters I have ever seen. Not to disrespect the other talented actors but Mark Rolston could convince me to give him my life savings and Miguel Ferrer makes me afraid of the dark as strange as that sounds.

Greg responds...

1. I have this on the timeline, but it shifted over time, so it's not a simple answer - nor a short one - so I'm going to elect to skip this.

2. Generally, I'm uninterested in these kinds of questions, but this does go to the "mythology" of our show, so: Blockbuster.


4. Nope. (Well, certain individuals might, but generally, nope.)

5. <Ahem> No comment.

6. The majority by far is Green. A large minority is white. A smaller minority is red.

7. Mostly no, but there may have been slight variations - particularly with Batman - as members gained experience. I think Green Arrow probably went through some changes too.

8. Now, we're back to me being uninterested. But I think Aquaman is physically stronger, though Martian Manhunter can augment his strength with his telekinesis.

9. Me. And thank you. (And just to be clear to those who might not be aware of what you're talking about, it's based on the order they arrived on the scene of the League's very first mission, not on the order they appeared on screen in the first episode.)

10. I completely agree. I personally feel Mark as Lex steals every scene he's in. And it's tough to top Miguel for menace.

Response recorded on March 05, 2012