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Shauntell writes...

Okay, I just have a couple of questions...
1) In "Mark Of The Panther" what sort of things were going through Goliath's mind after his discussion with Diane and as he was approaching Angela?
You had commented that what Diane said made him realize some things, but what other things would he have thought about on that? Would he and Angela have discussed their problem?
2) In, "Eye Of The Storm" what were the reasons for having Goliath done the Eye of Odin? Was he ever to be a sorceror? If not, why have him use the Eye? What was the significance of that episode?
Well... I think that's it for now. Chow!!

Greg responds...

1. That Angela was his daughter by anyone's definition, including his own. In the interest of trying to make her see the difference between gargoyle and human definitions of parenthood, he had neglected to be any kind of father. A lot of this came out of paranoia involving Demona. If Angela gave him special status as her biological father, she might also grant Demona special status too. Which in fact, she did. Though I don't think it harmed anyone.

2. Sorry, but questions on separate topics must be posted separately.

Response recorded on January 07, 2000