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Greg Bishansky writes...

I was reading through the archives, and I noticed that when 2198 was called Future Tense and then 2158, you described Demona as being repentant, and motivated by love and redemption. When the 2198 contest ended, she seems to be described as a lot closer to the Demona we currently know. Still plotting against humanity, perhaps her final chance to destroy the human race. Not getting along with anyone initially.

I remember that you were toying with the idea of Samson being older, more statesmanlike and a widower until you revamped 2158 into 2198. So, did Demona also undergo a revamp?

Greg responds...

Eh... Not so much. She was always someone out of the mainstream. I'll admit that my memory of the 2158 days are sketchy, but I think a more likely interpretation is that until I really sat down to DEVELOP 2198 in detail, I just hadn't focused on where Demona was.

Response recorded on March 23, 2012