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Finister2 writes...

Big fan of your work Mr. Weisman. My plan C in life is to just like you. I'm also autitic, so you may have to accuse some of my more unusuel questions and any spelling mistakes.

1) Are you a fan of Doctor Who?
2) Why did Hagen reveal his plans to use the Lazarus Pit to Talia BEFORE he ectualy used it?
3) What is the "Half-life" Atomic Skull mentions?
4) How old is Zatan...Clayface? (haha, gotcha)
5) Is Superman's reaction to Superboy in anyway inspired by Goliath's reaction to Thailog?
6) Has Hook killed a man named Boston Brand?
7) Does Cadmus know that Superman is Clark Kent?
8) Who is Talia's mother and what happened to her?
9) How did Clayface know of the relationships within the Team to decieve them?
10) Who did the vocal effects for Clayface, Captain Cold, Mammoth, Blockbuster, Devastation, Shimmer and Tuppence Terror?

Greg responds...

1. Yes.

2. How else would he get to it?

3. His religion... based on the endlessly parsed "lifespan" of a radioactive particle.

4. Hagen is 34.

5. No. But I see the commonalities, though I think they're more situational than anything.



8. Her name is MELISANDE. As to what happened to her: SPOILER REQUEST. NO COMMENT.

9. Observation.

10. Uh... vocal effects? Anyway as of episode 119:
Clayface is Nolan North.
Blockbuster is Rene Auberjonois.
Tuppence Terror is Danica McKellar.
Captain Cold, Mammoth, Devastation and Shimmer have never had set voice actors. Different actors have grunted for them in different episodes.

Response recorded on March 06, 2012