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Tupka writes...

I've been thinking over a lot of questions; these are the only good ones I could come up with. If it's already asked, it must have happened yesterday, my apoligies.

1. I've noticed you give out plot teases for future comics, but not episodes. Is this a tactic to get more people buy the comic?
2a. In Young Justice #9 and #10, the Pentagon is said to be in Washington. Shouldn't it be Arlington County?
2b. Also about that first DC timestamp in #9... it says 23:03, but it's light as day. Coloring mistake or timestamp mistake?
3a. I think it's safe to say that Captain Atom is close to you. Was Kevin Hopps acquainted with the original story or did you give him homework? Was adapting the story difficult?
3b. Do he and Brandon Vietti have favorite characters that they like to give screentime?
4. Issue #11... Why was there a tanker truck so close to the launch pad? It's not like it has to fuel the rocket, and it would blow up from the heat of the launch.
5a. Concerning the guests at Kent's funeral... It was nice to see Wildcat still alive. Is he still active, or has he retired like Jay and just dressed up for the occasion?
5b. I couldn't recognize the woman with Barry. Was that Iris?
6a. In #7, Paula exits the bus to Bludhaven. Christopher Jones mentioned on his blog that he added the Bludhaven because he likes adding those details. Have you at this point thought out where Bludhaven is, or is it just "a busride away from Gotham"?
6b. Did you ever have to call him back to remove a reference?
7. In Welcome to Happy Harbor and later Schooled, Gotham is established in Connecticut. But in Downtime, the Gotham Academy had Artemis' address with the zip code 10510 - that's Westchester County, NY (coincidentally the location of a certain school in Marvel Comics). Shouldn't it have been an 06... code? Or has the Postal Service on Earth-16 come up with a new numbering?
8. In Downtime, the Daily Gotham in the Crock apartment [http://youngjustice.wikia.com/wiki/File:The_Daily_Gotham.png] had a picture from the 1992 Batman series [http://dcanimated.wikia.com/wiki/File:Poison_Clippings.jpg]. I looked if any of the people credited with prop design (Andy Chiang, Alexander Kubalsky and Eugene Mattos) had any history with the Batman series, but couldn't find a link. Do you know whose idea the photo was?
9. Issue #13 - how did Clayface know which teammember to "team up" with eachother to take them down? The Team hasn't really shown romantic tension or friendship in #12 and #13 (on-panel, at least).
10. Also in #13, Artemis mentions her "record and pedigree" will have her end up in Belle Reve. Does she actually have a record, or did she say that to fool Icicle?
11. People have asked about the NYPD police cars and why they're not blue and white. Closer inspection reveals they're the same as the Metropolis police car in "Revelation" and even the Taipei police cars in "Targets". My absurdly trained DC Animated Universe eye (see the newspapers question above) recognized them as the Metropolis PD cruisers from Superman: The Animated Series... which were reused on Justice League and Justice League Unlimited for Gotham PD and Central City PD. Were the designs reused to save time and money, or is there one car manufacturer (Lex?) that has completely cornered the world police cruiser market?

Greg responds...

1. It is indeed.

2a. It should, yes.

2b. Coloring.

3a. The original story was SO complicated, I gave the three-parter to Kevin to read and said to him something along the lines of "I'm too close to this. You tell me what is essential and what needs to be cut." (Also keeping in mind that instead of using Captain Atom, Blue Beetle, Booster Gold and Mister Miracle as the protagonists, we were going to use Aqualad, Robin, Kid Flash, Superboy, Miss Martian and Artemis.

3b. You'd have to ask them.

4. We don't really know what went on with Ra's raid on the facility prior to when the issue began.

5a. Largely retired.

5b. No, that was Joan Garrick, and she was with Jay/Flash, not Barry/Flash.


6b. Not so far.

7. No comment.

8. Never noticed before.

9. He paid attention.

10. Heh, heh, heh.

11. Uh... both?

Response recorded on March 23, 2012