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BLA writes...

Hello Greg,
I absolutely love watching Young Justice, and I want to compliment you and your staff for putting on such a stellar show week after week (when Cartoon Network actually decides to aire episodes, that is). The script and attention you all give to detail is truly phenomenal, which brings me to my first question:

1. For the particulars of each episode (ie: Robin’s knowledge of computers, Wally’s knowledge of science, and people speaking foreign languages), do you actually have specialists on hand such as linguists, chemists, geologists, physicists, etc. to consult when determining how exactly you would diffuse a volcanic explosion among other things? Or do you and the writers just do an obscene amount of research before writing up each scenario?

Also, I’m fairly convinced at this point that the ability to withhold spoilers is some sort of superpower. I know I’d be too excited for the show to refrain from giving out details. Do you don a mask and cape to become “The Weisman” before answering our questions?

Thank you for your time. As always, it’s a pleasure watching your work and reading your responses.

Greg responds...

1. Mostly we do a ton of research - and we also make a ton of stuff up. But I do have a few experts I go to for certain things. For example, Aris Katsaris has provided us with the Ancient Greek which we've adapted to Atlantean. John Wells helps out with all things DC Universe. Etc.

2. No cape. But sometimes I put on a funny nose and glasses. Actually, I'm just a stingy individual when it comes to SPOILERS. It isn't hard for me to refrain from revealing stuff. In fact, some of the folks here at Warner Bros. want me to TEASE more about upcoming content, and I'm extremely reluctant.

Response recorded on April 11, 2012