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GoldStarz writes...

Misplaced was a really good adaption of A World Without Grown-Ups! Really happy Zatanna is on the team,too.

1. Now that Zatara is Doctor Fate, is someone going to replace him on the League?
2. Is this the first time the Justice League has lost a member?
3. Was Amber an original character? I looked up her name on the DC wiki, but couldn't find anything.
4. Was the intro shortened by you or CN?
4A. If it was you, why did you shorten it?
4B. SPeaking of intros, will we get a new one for Invasion?
5. How did you decide who went into Klarion's magic group? Was it like what you did for the Team?

Greg responds...

1. By now you've (hopefully) seen the League discuss just that, but you'll have to wait until this Saturday for the results of their vote.

2. Yes.

3. Amber Joyce is a pre-existing DC character.

4. It was shortened to buy time for the DC Nation shorts.

4A. See above.

4B. Yes, but it'll be just as short.

5. These were all characters who were on our original villain list for potential Light members. Blackbriar Thorn has always been a particular favorite of mine, since I loved the Kubert design.

Response recorded on April 12, 2012